Block Board (MR & BWR Grade)

WOODCO Block boards are made from extra thick Premium Grade Imported Pine wood blocks. They are carefully composed to eliminate gaps, overlapping, or waviness. It is made from suitable type of resign for MR & BWR Grade for block boards. WOODCO Block boards provide very good strength and durability to wall cabinets, cupboards, wardrobe and furniture, it provides additional grip for screws and nails.




Available in commercial and waterproof varieties, they are suitable for interiors furniture shutter, partition.

Sr.No Test IS:1659 Requirement WOODCO Results
1 Dimensional change caused by Humidity
a)Max. change in length
b)Max. change in thickness
c)Max. change in local planeness
± 1 mm
± 1 mm
Less than 1/150
0.50 mm
0.23 /150
2 Modulus of Rupture Minimum 40.00 Newton/mm2 44.00 Newton/mm2
3 Modulus of Elasticity Minimum 4000.00 Newton/mm2 5259.00 Newton/mm2