Woodco Royal

Royal plywood is the best product from WOODCO. It is made from the Gurjan Timber & Red Core which is highly durable and sturdy due to this property it has been an excellent product for making of good quality of furniture. It is made by high compression with special PF resin which makes it more durable in all kind of environmental conditions and it is also termite and fungi proof product. It is product with stunning look and great quality, there for it is called as a royal product.


  • Any kind of furniture work
  • Panelling, partition.
  • For exterior and interior use
  • Cabinet, tables etc.


  • No gap and overlap
  • Excellent bonding from PF resin due to high pressure compression
  • Both face and core veneers are from selected special Gurjan wood
  • 100% guarantee against termites and fungi
  • Every Alternate layers consist of a species - Gurjan
  • Aesthetic look
  • No gap and overlap
  • Best in durability and quality in affordable cost
Sr.No Testing Parameters IS:303 Requirement WOODCO Results
1 Moisture Content 5% - 15% 8.0%
2 Glue Adhesion Test Three test specimens of size 250mm x 100mm shall be prepared and submerged in Boiling water for Eight Hours and then Dryed for Sixteen Hours at a temperature of 65 +/- 2 Centigrade followed by Two more cycles and then tested as per IS:1734 (Part 5) 3 cycles carried out. No delamination observed. Excellent Bonding.
3 Modulus of Elasticity Across the Grains - Average 2500 N/mm2 2870 N/mm2